About & Qualifications

Lauren Rock, Travel Planner

Owner of Dynamic Escapes, LLC

Lauren Rock is the owner of Dynamic Escapes. An avid traveler and obsessive planner, she loves to research travel. After taking courses and earning the appropriate accreditations, she left the corporate world behind and created Dynamic Escapes in 2016.

She takes care of all the research and planning of her client’s trips for them, from inspiration to a fully-planned vacation.
Her past clients have included couples, families, “girlfriend” groups, grandparent/grandchild trips, church groups, school groups, multi-generational family trips, and folks looking for solo time away. They have traveled to places across the US and around the world.

Lauren is a native of Atlanta. She has enjoyed a wide variety of travel and exchange opportunities. She and her husband have two children; one of whom loves cities and is bored by the great outdoors; while the other prefers to be in the middle of nowhere and dislikes bright lights and city streets. Needless to say, Lauren is accustomed to balancing the desires of multiple people into a single trip! She also has two dogs who will travel wherever the family can take them.

As an independent agent Lauren works for you, not the travel industry. Through meticulous research and obsessive planning, she will ensure that you have a wonderful, memorable trip without having to do the work of arranging it all.

Industry Affiliations & Qualifications

  • Travel Leaders Network membership (The largest travel industry network; Travel Leaders grants recognized independent agents access to industry only prices and upgrades)
  • IATA + ARC + CLIA + TRUE Accreditation
  • Allianz Global Assistance Specialist
  • Australia certified specialist
  • Backroads Certified Specialist
  • Catalonia certified specialist
  • Costa Rica certified specialist
  • Globus certified Monograms booking agent
  • Hawaii certified specialist
  • IbookIsrael affiliate
  • Jordan certified specialist
  • Kenya certified specialist
  • Martinique certified specialist
  • Tauck Tours certified specialist (land tours and river cruises)
  • Vancouver certified specialist
  • Viking River Cruises certified specialist (Danube and Rhine River cruises)