How I Serve You

How I Serve You

Step One: 

Tell me about your dream vacation!

  • Where do you see yourself?


I am happy to share ideas on places that match your desires.

  • Who are you with? Or is this time just for you?

We'll review everyone's expectations and wants.

  • What are you doing? 

I will design and plan your trip to match your interests and style of travel.

  • Where are you staying? 

Whether you view accommodations as a place to sleep or a part of your experience, I will research and find a match.

  • What is your budget? 

I will only prepare options that match your preferred price range.

  • How long can you be away? Are there certain dates you have in mind?

You don't have to go far or be gone long to have a great trip! 

    Step Two:

    I research, contact my industry connections, and then present you with a custom itinerary based on your desires. This includes:

    • Accommodation
    • Activities
    • Directions
    • Reservations
    • Tours
    • Transportation
    • Any special requests or interests you may have

    Step Three:

    You review the itinerary.  I will amend it if needed; 

    once you approve the plans I take care of all the details!

    All items listed in Step 2 are included.

    Step Four:

    You enjoy your trip knowing you have support during and after if needed!

    In return for my research time, expertise, and industry connections I charge a flat research fee depending on the trip complexity. This fee covers the time, energy, and expertise devoted to you. It is not a part of your trip costs.

    I work for you, not the travel industry. I have access to travel industry-only resources, but I am an independent travel planner.

    Please contact me with any questions you may have.

    I am looking forward to working with you to plan your vacation!

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