How I Serve You

How I Serve You 

Step one, tell me When you dream about getting away...

Where do you see yourself? ~ At the beach; In the mountains; In a world-class city; I have no idea, help!  

I am happy to share ideas on places that match your desires.

Who (if anyone) are you with? ~ Enjoying solo time; romantic time away with a significant other; family bonding time; fun with friends,  with an affinity group. 

We'll review everyone's expectations and desires.

What are you doing? ~ Nothing but sitting on the beach book in hand; hiking; skiing; shopping; visiting a museum; seeing a historic site; snorkeling/SCUBA diving, taking a cooking class, etc.

I will design and plan your trip to match your interests and style of travel.

Where are you staying? ~ A luxury hotel; quaint Bed & Breakfast; full- service resort; rental home; cabin in the woods, etc. 

Whether you view accommodations as a place to sleep or a part of your experience, I will research and find a match.

What is your budget? ~ Include airfare/car rental; accommodations; major ticketed activities, and keep in mind the season or special events that could affect price and crowding.

I will only prepare options that match your preferred price range.

How long can you be away, are there certain dates you have in mind?

You don't have to go far or be gone long to have a great trip! 

    Step Two,  I use your answers and preferences, research, contact my industry connections, and then present you with a custom itinerary based on your desires. This includes:

    • Accommodation
    • Activities
    • Directions
    • Reservations
    • Tours
    • Transportation
    • And any special requests or interests you may have.

    Step Three - You review the itinerary, I amend if needed, once you approve of the plans I take care of all the detailsAll items listed in Step 2 are included. 

    Step Four - You enjoy your trip knowing you have support during and after your trip if needed. 

    In return for my research time, expertise, and industry connections I charge a flat research fee depending on the trip complexity. This fee covers the time, energy, and expertise devoted to you. It is not a part of your trip cost(s).  

    I work for you, not the travel industry.

    I have access to travel industry-only resources but am an independent travel planner.  

    Please contact me with any questions you may have.

    I am looking forward to working with you to plan your vacation.

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