Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Photo Courtesy of Marcy F.

Family Cruise to the Western Caribbean

"What a restful and fun spring break! Thank you so much to Lauren S. Rock of Dynamic Escapes, LLC for making the arrangements. We loved the ship, the simple Caribbean ports, and being together. Molly had a great time in her "studio" room too! Really enjoyed Lauren's onboard gift of wine and strawberries.... enjoyed that for several nights!"

-Marcy F.

Couples Trip to San Francisco and Yosemite

"This is the very first time I have used a travel agent for a vacation trip and I was a little concerned how this trip would turn out; arranging family vacations year after year has been so stressful, but this year using Dynamic Escapes has been great from beginning to end this was a fantastic experience. I plan to use their services again."

- Brenda S.

Photo Courtesy of Brenda S.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa A.

Family Trip to Hawaii

"Persistency and attention to detail were key to making our trip a success, and Lauren provided both!"

- Lisa A.

Family Trip to Tanzania

"When I told [Lauren] we were traveling she immediately knew that Tanzania was the right place for us and ran with putting together the whole experience. Lauren and her partners at TopGuides put together an itinerary that built up really well in that we started with what now feels like a 'starter safari' which felt amazing and then the experiences built and built from there. Many thanks Lauren Rock!

- Scott M.

Photo Courtesy of Scott M.

Photo Courtesy of the Dupree Family

Family Cruise to Jamaica

"The cruise was amazing we had so much fun we are planning to go on one in two years. Here are some pics.... thank you so much... now we have to start planning my trip to Thailand next year."

-Annette D.

Family Trip to the Galapagos Islands

"We had an amazing trip! Thanks so much for helping us with the arrangements. Everything went so smoothly and we felt well taken care of throughout the trip ... Next bucket list trip is an African photo safari."

- Jo T.

Photo Courtesy of Yvonne M.

Photo Courtesy of Jo T.

Friends Trip to Italy

"Lauren, the trip was truly a dream come true for me. Thank you for all your was done to perfection."

- Yvonne M.

Honeymoon Trip to Belize

"Thank you again for planning our fabulous honeymoon! We had such a great time!"

- Ruby and Bryan S.

Photo Courtesy of Barbara S.

Photo Courtesy of Rubyand Bryan S.

Grandmother/Grandson Cruise to Alaska

"Had a great trip! Thanks for your help."

- Barbara S.

Guy's Trip to Peru

"Lauren of Dynamic-Escapes provided a superb travel experience for my family. This was the first time I had dealt with any type of travel consultant. I 'interviewed' several agents for my trip to Australia, and even though I was impressed with every one of them, I felt confident after speaking with Lauren that she should be my choice. She was not the least bit 'sales-y', and I got a good impression, which proved to be correct, that she is down-to-earth, competent, knowledgeable, and a good (great!) person. I chose her for these traits and her specific knowledge of Australia. During our planning, even though she was abroad researching travel for other clients, she was remarkably responsive to my questions and needs. It quickly became obvious that she is a true travel professional with a sincere desire to provide top-quality service. She provided spot-on perfect apartment accommodations and information on excursions. I highly recommend Lauren for travel expertise."

- Doug T.

Mother/Daughter European River Cruise

Family Trip to Australia

"Thank you and yes we had a wonderful vacation!! We certainly have the travel bug now. :)"

- Sunny R.

Family Trip to Aruba

Photo Courtesy of Sunny R.

"It was great to work with Lauren for my first trip to Spain. She was pleasant and patient as she tirelessly searched until we found the best possible rate for my airfare and her travel advice was invaluable. Also, the villa we stayed in was perfect for our group of 10 ladies. I highly recommend her services."

- Patti E.

Gal's Trip to Spain

"With so many companies offering package trips it was hard for us to decide who to work with and which offer to take. After meeting Lauren the process just seemed to be much smoother and easier to navigate. She asked questions about how we like to we like to experience a new place and what we enjoyed doing. These questions helped us narrow down where we wanted to visit and which provider would be the best fit for us. She not only helped us plan and schedule the trip but stayed in touch in the months leading up to the date... I always felt that I could reach out to her with a question or a concern. Lauren really took the time to help us choose a trip that we will remember for a long time."

- Catherine C.

Mother/Daughter Trip to Europe

"Lauren was very helpful in putting together our spring break trip through Central Europe. It was a bit of a whirlwind (Budapest, Vienna and Munich in six days) and she was able to research and book the exact type of hotels, activities and timetable we wanted. She took care of all the research and legwork. More important, when my daughter had an allergic reaction on the way from Vienna to Munich, Lauren was able to rearrange our itinerary, saving us time and money and enabling us to continue on and enjoy our trip even with a nearly 24 hour unplanned delay."

- Sonji J.

"I don't know where to begin......the trip was amazing.  I wanted to thank you for organizing our trip.  The tours were outstanding, the tour guides, knowledgeable, friendly, the hotels were clean and within walking distance from other sites.  Shopping was great... Lauren Rock did a fantastic job planning our trip.  Accessible, friendly & proficient. Very satisfied, worked well with our group."

- Gina S.

Multi - Family Trip to Italy

"Thank you for all you did.  I don't think this would have come together had you not contributed all that you did ... Lauren did a wonderful job helping map out a route for our family's monthlong trek in Canada. She has done a ton of traveling herself. As a result, Lauren provides practical, helpful tips especially for family travel."

- Andrew S. and Sandy M.

Family Road Trip Across Canada

"We returned from Peru a few days ago and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help! I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that we had an amazing time. Wilfredo and his family were absolutely marvelous and the sites were all breathtaking. It was extremely convenient to have all hostels and transportation pre-arranged and made for an easy trip. Of course, we had to get creative with our return flights due to Hurricane Irma but all in all surely would say it was a once in a lifetime trip. Thank you so much."

- Ben K.