About Me

Lauren Rock

Travel Planner, Owner of Dynamic Escapes

I am Lauren Rock, the owner of Dynamic Escapes. I take care of all the research and planning of my clients' trips for them, from inspiration to a fully-planned vacation.

"Because life is about the experiences you have and the memories you create." SM

A vacation should be more than just a break from work or a chance to get away. It can be an opportunity to experience the world with the people who make up yours. Let me take care of the work of researching locations, booking activities, and creating itineraries so that you can focus on making memories and strengthening bonds.

My past clients have included couples, families, “girlfriend” groups, grandparent and grandchild trips, church groups, school groups, multi-generational family trips, and folks looking for solo time away. Your trip should be enjoyable for everyone on it; I ensure that each person's interests and needs are woven into the itinerary.

As an independent travel professional I work for you, not the travel industry. Through meticulous research and obsessive planning, I ensure that you have a wonderful, memorable trip without having to do the work of arranging it all!

Select Industry Affiliations & Qualifications

    • Travel Leaders Network membership 
    • IATA + ARC + CLIA + TRUE Accreditation
    • Globus certified Monograms booking agent
    • Backroads certified specialist
    • Tauck Tours certified specialist
    • Viking River Cruises certified specialist

About Me

Some of my favorite places are Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, Tanzania, and the national parks of the US and Canada. 

My husband and I have two children: one who loves cities, and one who loves nature. Needless to say, I am accustomed to balancing the desires of multiple people into a single trip!

We have two rescue dogs who will happily travel wherever the family can take them!