About Me

Lauren Rock

Travel Planner, Owner of Dynamic Escapes

Hi, I am Lauren Rock, the owner of Dynamic Escapes. I take care of all the research and planning of my clients' trips for them, from inspiration to a fully-planned vacation!

My past clients have included couples, families, “girlfriend” groups, grandparent/grandchild trips, church groups, school groups, multi-generational family trips, and folks looking for solo time away. They have traveled to places across the US and around the world.

As an independent agent I work for you, not the travel industry. Through meticulous research and obsessive planning, I ensure that you have a wonderful, memorable trip without having to do the work of arranging it all!

Industry Affiliations & Qualifications

    • Travel Leaders Network membership 
    • IATA + ARC + CLIA + TRUE Accreditation
    • Globus certified Monograms booking agent
    • Backroads certified specialist
    • Tauck Tours certified specialist
    • Viking River Cruises certified specialist

Fun Things About Me!

Some of my favorite places are Tanzania, Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, and Yellowstone National Park.

My husband and I have two children: one who loves cities, and one who loves nature. Needless to say, I am accustomed to balancing the desires of multiple people into a single trip!

We have two rescue dogs who will happily travel wherever the family can take them!